Sublingual Oxytocin Tablets


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December 3, 2013:
Dissolving tablets seem to be harder to find than before, but new manufacturers are always coming online!


Why Under The Tongue?

The spaces under the tongue contain blood vessels that are able to transfer nutrients and supplements right into the bloodstream, so this is an ideal alternative to nasal sprays which are not always effective to people with sinus issues or those who are sensitive to the effect of a nasal dose.

How do sublingual oxytocin tablets work?

Rapid Dissolve Tablets For Fast Confidence Boost

Sublingual oxytocin tablets offer a higher level of convenience compared to injections and nasal sprays, since many people do not like jabbing their skin or getting a cold blast of drippy fluid in their noses, especially when they are going out on a date. Oxytocin tablets work by delivering the hormone to the lymphatic system where it quickly enters the bloodstream. Other forms of oxytocin, like pills, can lose effectiveness when they hit the digestive tract or stomach, since acid tends to make short work of many nonapeptide hormones. As the hormone of desire, social recognition, and bonding, oxytocin has become popular in people who have Asperger's and Autism related social disorders, since they can become more empathetic with their partners. Similarly, Cuddle Parties (facilitated by "cuddle spray" or "cuddle tablets") with oxytocin bring a sense of warmth that may not be present with traditional bonding activities.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Oxytocin tablets may only be available by prescription in your country or area, and it should be noted that sublingual oxytocin tablets may sometimes create feelings of jealousy instead of happiness, so if you feel strangely resentful, you might want to take a rain check.